After joining the Etsy Rockstars, I was almost immediately placed as a "Team Captain". Teams are created because Etsy Rockstars is such a big group, and you are supposed to ask your "Team" for assistance before posting on the Rockstars Facebook Page for help. (note: iI...
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I liked
  • Getting help with seo
I didn't like
  • Doing the owners work for her
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Rock your shop delivered exactly what they advertise. There were a couple of shops that didn't work the program, they would rather complain about it, than committing. It is alot of hard work, no doubt, but it has been a successful for many that are willing to work it....
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It seemed Etsy Rockstars was the answer to running a successful Etsy shop. We took the plunge and signed up for Etsy Rockstars after reading "reviews" and encountering nothing but positive "feedback" about the group within the free Etsy help Group. The claims were that...
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I am a fairly new member of Etsy Rockstars and can say that this group is worth the small cost of membership if you are willing to put the time and energy into your business. ...

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